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SERVICES OFFERED - Private Chef, Personal Chef, Caterer, Sush lessons, Restaurant Consulting 

 All of my services are customized to your specific needs. The first thing you should do is contact me by sending me an email or by calling me. contact information page. We can discuss what you are looking for and then I will  email you an estimate. When we agree on the estimate then I will email you a contract. Payments can come in the form of a check or credit card processed through my PayPal account.

Private Chef - Caterer
My goal is to create an experience specific to your needs, this can be an intimate 5 star dinner for two with table service all the way to a BBQ or Sushi party for 100 or more. If you have specific ideas or you would like to hear some of mine I am sure that I can accommodate your needs.

I am available for one time meals or to cooking exclusively for you as long as needed.

I have relationships with some of the best purveyors, both locally and international so I can get almost any type of food you want.

For Example: Fresh fish and shellfish flown in from around the world
                       Caviar - Uni from Santa Barbara - Aji and Hamachi from Japan
                       USDA Prime Beef including American Wagyu (Kobe)
                       Wild Game - Utah Free Range Elk - Venison - Bison - Ostrich
                       Free Range Poultry and Pork
                       Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Personal Shopper / Food Delivery

I can do all your shopping for you while you are out playing and drop off your groceries at your convenience. I also can supply you with the best specialty products that you can not find in any local stores by ordering through my purveyors. I charge $50 per hour for my time and vehicle cost. Most shopping should only take 1 hour but trips to the Salt Lake Valley may take a bit longer.

Sushi / Cooking Lessons

The sushi instructional party is always great fun and very informative. I typically charge a hourly rate of $50 per hour for the lessons plus the cost of food which everyone eats as we are making it. A first time class needs to be a minimum of 4 hours so we have time to make the rice. I will also provide my Sushi 101 menu (glossary of sushi vocabulary and useful sushi info)  and copy's of my recipes for you to keep. Once you have mastered the rice making I can come back for more advanced sushi making lessons for as little as an hour at a time.